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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Arsenal defend season ticket hike...



  1. Anonymous9:36 pm

    There is one very simple way to stop them continually hiking their already outrageous prices - stop buying them! But it seems people are so addicted to football (god knows why!) they will pay any money for stuff like this. So, its big business and you deserve to have every penny taken off you for being mug enough to pay such stupid amounts of money!

  2. So your argument is 'football fan' = 'own fault'. I see.

    Well, I don't consider myself a 'mug' as you put it. I just want to watch live football matches of my favourite team. And I'm not sure what you mean by saying I 'deserve to have every penny taken off' me by 'big business'. Are 'big businesses' bad because the're 'big' or because they're 'businesses'?


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