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Friday, June 20, 2008

Yazoo (again)...

The lovely Andy called me yesterday lunchtime, "I know you saw them last night but I've got a spare ticket for Yazoo tonight if you fancy coming." "Yes, please", say I.

So there I was watching Yazoo all over again at the Hammersmith Apollo. And it was just as great night as the previous night but being their last night of the UK tour Alison was way more chatty.

She hugged Vince two or three times too. She danced way more. And just before Only You she shook her fist saying "Flying Pickets! Bastards!" Yes, dear reader she was acting like a right Basildon girl. And we loved her for it.

Still no The Other Side Of Love though. And sadly the much promised Hercules and Love Affair cancelled so we were stuck with Merz again.

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