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Friday, June 27, 2008

BBC iPlayer Gets Radio...

I like the BBC iPlayer. It's a sort of one-stop shop for watching BBC TV programs over the past 7 days if you live in the UK. It comes as either a PC-only download service or an on-demand service using Flash. Well, now it has just got alot better. It's got radio (according to a BBC press release). In fact there are a raft of other updates to the on-demand service including the ability to rewind the new music radio stations online and a new Last Played feature which will remember where the session left off in case of computer crash or you have to stop watching/listening half way through. Also the Flash video window is boosted on the new iPlayer site to 640 pixels wide. The new on-demand radio streams will be 128Kbit/s MP3s, replacing the current Real and Windows Media Listen Again offerings. And live radio is coming soon apparently. Cool.


  1. It's available now at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayerbeta

  2. Coolio. And I guess it'll take over the existing link completely soon.

  3. Anonymous4:18 pm

    July 7th is the full roll out of the new player.


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