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Friday, June 06, 2008

New contestants enter BB9 house...

Here are some of the texts I got last night:
"Christ fucking Jesus God Almighty wanking shitty Hell!"
"A dancer? He's the BMI of an elephant"
"Nutter. Another shebang. She'll last 5 mins"
"Responsibility dodging racist slut"
"It's between her and Helen Keller"
"Now they're all in I'm not watching for a week, Can't watch attention seeking screamers."

Yes, the ninth series of Big Brother is under way after a record 16 contestants pieces of pond life entered the Channel 4 show's house.

A theme in this year's show is "zero tolerance". Hmm. I wonder how often the producers will bend their own rules for the ones they think are popular (rating whores that they are)?

Shaun Mario Marconi
Lisa Appleton
Luke Marsden
Stephanie McMichael
Rachel Rice
Dale Howard
Sylvia Barrie
Dennis McHugh
Mikey Hughes
Alexandra De-Gale
Rex Newmark
Mohamed Mohamed
Rebecca Shiner
Darnell Swallow
Jennifer Clark
Kathreya Kasisopa

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