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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chinese State Circus...

On Saturday afternoon the loveable Ian organised tickets for Winston, Martin and myself to go see the Chinese State Circus who had pitched up tent on Blackheath Common.

I'd not seen the CSC before and was mightily impressed. Martin had seen them before but even he was as excited as an excitable thing. There were so many, many "Wow!" moments but my favourites by far were the lions. They were funny, amazing and seemed so innocent and fun loving.



  1. Anonymous12:43 am

    Its nice to see that people still find the inhumane, unnatural and degrading treatment of what shuold be pround and free wild animals such as lions so amusing. What fun. Not.

  2. Er... There are no animals in the Chinese State Circus. Just people in costumes. That's the point.

  3. Anonymous1:11 pm

    The loveable Ian?
    What does that make me?
    (No, don't answer that.)


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