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Monday, November 07, 2005

Kate Bush's Aerial is Sublime...

Oh. My. God. Aerial is simply fantastic from start to finish. Washing lines, parquet floors, hymn-like reveries, spooky backing vocals, signature portrait pieces, footprints in the sand, racy flamenco, shivery duets, staggering beauty, exquisite singing, audacious silliness, it's all here. My favourite track changes with each listen. Currently it is: Pi Sunset Nocturne Somewhere In Between. A masterpiece.


  1. Anonymous11:45 am

    Need help with the Lyrics to pi?

    Try here;

  2. Anonymous11:53 pm

    i love the fact that you too get so excited by pop music.

    Wait til ya hear the new Madonna album. The track "I love New York" makes me wanna catch a plane there, yesterday !!!!!

    "Get off my street, Get off my street, Get off my street, Get off my street ......"


  3. Thanks, Neil. Yes, I like getting excited about pop music too! And I have heard that Madonna album - loving it!

  4. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Completely agree! :)

  5. Thanks Doctor B. Shame about the mistake on line 576 though.

    But seriously, I heard La Bush talking about Pi on the radio last week before they played it and I thought, 'oh god, she's not actually going to sing the numbers, is she?' and then she did, and I found it toe-curlingly embarrassing. I'll take your word for it that the rest of the album is better, because that track has put me off getting it, I'm afraid. (For now, at least.)

  6. Hi Jonathan ... your old kath&kim freak here! just wanted to second everything you say about Aerial. I think it's incredible. I must have listened to 'Sunset' six times in one sitting. Those flamenco guitars are glorious. Beautiful album. It just shimmers. Even Pi which I was skeptical about works. And A Coral Room brings tears to my eyes!

  7. Oh Chig, just get it! It's fab!

  8. It'll be interesting to see if the album enters at no. 1 on Sunday, which until today, I thought was a dead cert. However, Asda's in-store chart (which is a forecast of their sales, but usually fairly accurate) only has her entering at 3, behind new entries for Il Divo at 1 and Ana-bloody-stacia at 2. There'll be something seriously wrong if KB can't beat her to no.2, at least.

  9. Anonymous7:32 am

    I have to agree that the new Kate Bush album is very good, Pete bought it and has had it on pretty much every day when we get home in the evening :-)

    Mind you she does have to occasionally take a back seat on the hi fi to another recent purchase that I love (don't laugh)..... "Shirley Bassey The Remix Album... Diamonds are Forever", I think I could see Pete starting to cringe last Saturday when I had track 10 "If You Go Away" playing on repeat for the 6th time lol.

  10. Anonymous7:35 am

    Yes, Martin was very pissed and it was on repat for an hour, but I have to say I liked it mucho.

    Very cool remixes! :)

  11. Anonymous7:36 am

    That was 'repeat' by the way

  12. Yes, I think repat means something entirely different!

  13. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Next single? How to be invisible!


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