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Monday, November 14, 2005

Madonna at G.A.Y....

Madonna will perform an exclusive one-off show at G.A.Y. at London’s Astoria this Saturday. She will be singing tunes lifted from her new record Confessions On A Dancefloor released today. The capacity of the Astoria is just 2000. Standing room only I expect.

I think the new album is a bit of a return to form albeit rather too evenly paced. But then it is a dance album so what did I expect really? And the best track? Sorry.


  1. Yeah, "Sorry" is great - as is "Get Together", which she performed (to wild acclaim) on the Parkinson show. Trouble is, those first three tracks set the bar so high that the rest of the album can't help but tail off a bit somehow. Still a great album though... makes me want to go out on the razz, and it's been a long time since anyone made me feel that way!

  2. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Anyone else think it's just an imitation of Kylie, with some really godawful lyrics?

  3. Get Together is very Kylie. In fact it's all very derivative - but deriving from the best!

  4. 2000 capacity minus freeloading journalists = not much room at all for paying punters. (No, I'm not, before you ask!) :-)

  5. Madonna doing Kylie - as mentioned in my blog a while back.

    Sorry is great but I agree as it was the first stand out track I fully expect to tire of it first too.
    Jump is growing on me a lot and I have to say I LOVE Isaac... it's very William Orbit.

    I personally find the only duff track to be the penultimate one. I kinda wish I Love New York was better too though.

  6. Anonymous9:39 pm

    jump works for me. x.x.x.x

  7. Anonymous1:16 am

    i was pissed off not to get a ticket for the gig tonight

    however i am sure it will be an evening to remember

    i wish i had managed to get a wrist band! Bah

  8. Anonymous6:53 am

    mmmmmm - well walked past the queue for the gig on Sat night and they were the most 'record industry freebie' looking people I've ever seen: trendy pushy women with their awkward bf's in tow and the occasional black-clothed young Simon Cowell

    but the music:

    I think it's a reasonable album. don't get Sorry at all (sorry, no pun intended), don't get Jump either. But like Isaac purely from an Ipod angle, and love Push.

    But 'I LOVE NEW YORK' - listen to it again and think about how awful the lyrics are, truly awful. think about how she slags off London. and there's just this idea in my head that maybe it's time to do the iconoclastic thing and move on for her own sake? maybe everyone is a bit bored by her? the predictability of her using the latest 'cool' dj's to refresh her sound? maybe it's just me and my London loyalties, but the lyrics pissed me off

  9. Anonymous9:43 am

    Madonna is a tired, old washed-up has-been and deserves to get kicked out of the UK for all her I Love New York crap. The nerve of that woman. No, it's only truely UK-loving International Super Stars like myself who can give 'The Gays' what they really want. True girly Britishness. OK, so we filmed S Club in LA but our hearts will always be in Britland.

    Keep in real Britishers!

  10. Anonymous7:46 pm

    And as 'a gay' I can tell you Ms Stevens that we are so grateful when UK-Loving International Super Stars like yourself generously give your time to us when you could be making records for the normal people.
    Confessions on a Dance Floor? How about confessing it's time to move on and let someone younger take over? Like Ms Stevens, or Ida Barr?


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