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Friday, October 17, 2003

The oddest top ten data disasters...
The BBC reports that Kroll Ontrack, the electronic recovery people, have compiled a list of the oddest top ten data disasters of the last year.

01. A man in the US who was so frustrated with his laptop, he shot it in a fit of e-rage, then realised there were important files he needed
02. PC thrown out the window to destroy evidence before police arrived
03. Laptop fell off a moped and was run over by lorry
04. Laptop dropped in a bath of soapy water by a company director while doing company accounts
05. Stolen PCs rescued after three weeks in a river
06. Entire bottle of red wine spilt on laptop over dinner
07. Server rescued after running unchecked 24/7 for years under layers of dust and dirt
08. Computer thrown against a wall in a fit of rage
09. Latte-covered laptop rescued
10. Laptop left on car roof as owner drives off

According to Ontrack in all the cases computer files were rescued and restored.

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