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Monday, October 06, 2003

Friday on my mind / New Work Hours...
Our office likes to tinker with the working day.

Six months ago our daily work hours were cut from 9-5:30 to 9-5. Great you might think. That's an extra 30 minutes everyday for ourselves. And you'd be right. Only I tend to work at least a 10 hours days anyway so it didn't really affect me. But I don't begrudge the others. No, really I don't.

Then last week our hours changed again. This time they added 45 minutes to every working day. And they pulled the start time forward by either 30 minutes or an hour (our choice). So now my hours are 8-4:45. That's means I'm getting up an hour earlier every day (boo, hoo).

So what do I get for this new early start and this longer working day? Well, I now get every other Friday off. So starting this Friday, I shall be twiddling my thumbs at home wondering what to do with my new long three day weekend.

So I have a question for you. Would you go for a longer working day to gain every other Friday off if you had the chance? What would you do with that extra Friday off? Meet friends? Take up golf? Lie in? Museums? Drinking binges? DIY? Mini-breaks? I need your help, people! I can't decide what to do!

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