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Monday, October 13, 2003

Action packed...
This weekend just gone was my first every-other-Friday-off weekend so I tried to make the most of it. And not being one to take the task of having fun lightly I set about it with all with my usual vigour.

Thursday night Paul and I went to the DVD launch of Depeche Mode 101 at the Prince Charles Cinema. The place was packed and an eager crowd lapped up the new visuals, the new 5.1 Surround Sound and Andy Fletcher's wit (no really!) in the Q&A afterwards. After that we headed for Bar Code and then Central Station for a beer or three. The weekend was starting well.

Friday I got up late (it'd been a late one the night before) and Paul and I pootled off to the Tate Britain down in Pimlico. I hadn't been there in years and amazing though it was, I couldn't help feeling that it's heart has been ripped out somewhat by it's more spectacular works going to it's sister museum, the Tate Modern, down the river. After the museum we walked through Westminister, St James Park, popped into the ICA and then up to Piccadilly. A quickie in the Edward VI and a night in front of the box lay ahead of us.

On Saturday I was up early and out shopping for clothes to wear for that night. I bought the new Arsenal away kit (yellow and blue), some trackie bottoms and some looky-likey trainer/football boots. All this because we'd promised to start off our night going to Sports Kit Night at the Sols Arms. There was an impressive turn out and more than a few fresh faces too which was nice to see. Paul and I headed off to Duckie after about an hour or so leaving Marky at SKN (he didn't fancy the trek down to Vauxhall). Neither Amy Lame nor The London Readers Wives were in attendance so Duckie was a little flat for me. Even the act (fat lesbian stripper in a fur coat) failed to raise much of a smile either. It was nice to see all the boys there though. At 2am after Duckie had kicked out (and with a little persuasion) we headed over to Fire to Save All Robots. Pierre Luigi and Tim were there which was nice. And by the magic of music DJ Lush who had been playing at Duckie was playing there too. David, Ian, Kevin and I danced until the sweat poured. But by 4am I'd had enough and flagged for a cab leaving them all to it.

Sunday we were off out again. This time for lunch at Marcus's. Great food (as ever) and then we watched the DVD of a film that I'd wanted to see in ages: Far From Heaven. I won't give anything away in case you've not seen it but it's hyper-real colours and great storyline make it for a wonderful film to watch. Which is more than I can say for the DVD we watched when we eventually got home. The Matrix Reloaded is visually very impressive - it's amazing what you can do with CGI these days. But... what the HELL was that all about?!! If anyone can assist in unravelling the plot I'd be very grateful!

So it was a great long weekend. Full of fun and frolics. Roll on the next one.

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