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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Back after a long absence we went to Duckie on Saturday night. And as ever we had a blast. Besides the fantastic music from the Reader's Wives there were three different activities to enjoy. The first was Drag Speed Poetry - the highlight of which was the "elf shelf". Funny and very, very Duckie. This was followed by blowing up the three worst buildings in London as voted for by the audience the previous week. At number three was the Dome (a large pink blancmange was disintegrated by a 150dB explosive charge in the middle that took nearly an hour for the poor guy to clean off the ceiling afterwards), at number two was Buckingham Palace (the polystyrene model was obliterated in a fraction of a second by an equally large charge) and at number one was a model of David Blaine's box (that was not only blown up but caught fire and required a dyke to throw her pint over it). Great fun. The final activity was the international flower show at the local church. We all filed out of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern at way gone midnight, walked along the road and entered the surreal world of night-time flower arranging. Magnificent displays festooned the church and hoards of poofs and dykes oohed and aahed and had their pictures taken by the gay priest. Wine was on sale and it made a pleasant break from the RVT. And strangely enough the church was cruisier than the club. Go figure.

As ever, Marky took some fantaisc snap shots. Click on image for larger versions.
The gang's all here! Camp? Me?!!!! Spot the straight man The sign says it all!

Very arty With this ring... Poetry in motion Fancy a bang? San Franciso bound

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