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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

A stern talking to...
When we were down at City Hall last week we saw the crane that David Blaine was going to use for his 'stunt' of being suspended for 44 days over the River Thames in a plastic box. I don't really have much time for this kind of nonsense but was slightly amused by the widely reported fact that missiles were being thrown at him and a drummer had been playing for him - very loudly.

Police said on Tuesday officers had been called in to deal with one man who was throwing eggs at Blaine's transparent box late on Monday evening. "The man was given a stern talking to. But he was not arrested," a police spokesman said.

"We were watching him at home on TV and it was really dull so we thought we would come down and liven things up. I wanted to wake him up," impromptu drummer Shiraz Azam, 21, told London's Evening Standard on Monday.

Reports are also coming in of Mr Blaine's box being used as target practice by keen golfers. Apparently the golf balls make a great noise as they smash into the side of the box at close on 80 miles an hour. We at overyourhead could, of course, in no way condone such actions. Or indeed the use of any other missile, projectile, ballistics, ink, paint, effluent or dirty slimy noxious substance.
It's just an illusssssion, ah, ah, aaah-ah

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