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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

David Blaine (again)...
We went down to have a look at the PR stunt that is David Blaine the other day. Yawn. Thank God silly season is over.

Now what for me would make this publicity stunt far for interesting would be if he wasn't actually in the box at all. He had slipped out in a Houdini kind of a way and was traveling around the world getting his photograph taken in say Australia, China and Brazil with that day's newspaper. Then he slips back in the box just before the 44 days are up. Then after he's come out of the box, done the talk shows and stuff he suddenly declares it's all been 'magic', and sells the story/video footage of his trip and makes a bundle.

Actually I'm a bit surprised that someone hasn't come up with a fake photo with him in Paris or something yet. Or 'I saw David Blaine in our chip shop'. Or 'I saw David Blaine when I was on holiday in Thailand'. His PR machine have missed out on a trick there. Fake photos or stories planted in the press might reawaken interest. Or not.

Shame he won't still be in his box on November 5th, Bonfire Night. He'd be good target practice. He'd get a great view of the fireworks across the river.

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