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Monday, September 08, 2003

City Hall...
Last Thursday Marky and I went to City Hall. The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, was hosting a party to celebrate the second anniversary of the London Partnership Registry and had invited 200 gay couples to join him for the booze up. We weren't quite sure what we would have to talk about with 400 random colleagues in gayness but we needn't have worried. As we had all been early adopters of the registry the fairly obvious question of "why did you both do it?" yielded conversations aplenty. Everyone seemed to have their own reasons. Mid-evening there were suitably rousing speeches from Ken, Stonewall and a representative from the DTI (no really!). The DTI are the people who are formulating the draft legislation for the real deal - the Civil Partnerships to go before Parliament 'in the near future' and have a fairly comprehensive consultation document which makes for interesting reading. By the way you only have until the end of September to lend your support to this idea. I'll publish details later in case you want to let the DTI know.

As the evening wore on and the alcohol kicked in so things got a bit more (how can I put it?) convivial amongst the assembled benders. This bon ami continued after we had drunk City Hall dry and had retired to a local ale house with a group of like minded alcoholics poofs and dykes to chew what cud remained of the evening. There we swapped stories and laughed and giggled until we fell over. A great night out. And I guess one with, to my mind anyway, some meaning.

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