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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll...
I'm getting too old for this. The weekend was an orgy of drinking and dancing and loving and living and I've come out of the other side with a number of war wounds to prove it. I found myself in Boots yesterday being directed to the makeup counter by a woman who was barely able to conceal her giggles. Even other customers were staring. I left blushing somewhat with Rimmel's Dermatological Blemish Concealer, a large tub of Nurofen and some cream for carpet burns in my bag. I leave you to fill in the blanks.

The weekend started innocently enough. Friday night I met up with David, Luca and his squeeze Stuart at Bar Code. Later we headed off to Crash, where we bumped into Mike, to see a bunch of bands play at The Cock: Live. The place was full of the usual freakoids (for that read electro-crash/retro/trash/punk wannabes with lots of eye-liner and plastic clothes). Synthetic Pleasures were on first. They were a tad tame/lame - despite one of the singers being a rough looking tattooed skin in a yellow rubber all-in-one (what's not to like?). The Readers Wives were on next. The usual high quality nonsense got the crowd dancing away. We sang along to Bitch At The Brits like the loyal fans we are. After that I rather lost my way / the plot amongst the mound of PVC. But was reliably informed the following night at Duckie by the lovely David-and-Jason that the two bands I missed, Atomizer and The Scissor Sisters, were "fab, fab, fab" and "in a class of their own; a proper band" respectively.

Talking of Duckie, the music on Saturday night was great (again) and the Readers Wives got a well deserved cheer at the end. The act was quite balloon popping-tastic - though thankfully the much feared vagina water pistol failed to materialise in the second half.

Somewhere in amongst all that mess I managed to fit in buying and installing a new dishwasher and also going to my parent's wedding anniversary lunch where we watched a naked man on video, saw a drunken woman flash her boobs and listen to my brother say "fuck" and "twat" a lot.

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