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Friday, August 08, 2003

Kate Bush's Birthday, Duckie...
Last Saturday night we had a meal out in Islington followed by a fabby time at Duckie. Amongst other various mischief going on: David seemed to be enjoying himself to the max though the landlord wasn't too keen on him swinging off the doors, the little tinker. Jasons #1, #2 and #3 were all looking as cute as ever. I hadn't seen Tim in donkey's. Or Kevin - who gave me a good debenture tip. Nice to see first-timer Marcus having such a good time along with partner in crime sexy Jonnie. The act was Indian stilt dancing (what else?!). The veggie burgers were delicious. Someone made my nipples very, very sore. Meeting Paul's friends was a blast. The music was fan-tas-tic. Charlie was looking as gorgeous as ever. Celebrating Kate Bush's birthday was great fun - especially the impromptu Hammer Horror stage act. Great that Mikey could make it.

Wolverine and Storm Dreaming of You
Indian Stilt Dancing - what else?! 'Ave It arrives!
Bananarama's sex change goes horribly wrong The Terror Twins
[Thanks to Marky taking the snaps]

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