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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Goldfrapp: New Single, New Boogie, New Shit...
Following a summer of stunning festival appearances across Europe, Japan and Australia, Goldfrapp announce their biggest UK tour so far for the autumn plus a new single and in between have just remixed Marilyn Manson's next single.

Twist, the new Goldfrapp single is released on 20th October with the UK tour kicking off the next day in Newcastle, full details below.

Twist comes backed with Goldfrapp's ace new studio version of their steamy cover of "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" (big '70s disco hit for Baccara) which has had young boys across the globe sweating at the live shows plus an exclusive live version of Felt Mountain's Deer Stop. CD2 features a sick remix of Twist by Jacques Lu Cont (Les Rhymes Digitales, Zoot Woman), Dimitri Tikovoi's mix of the single and label mates the Mountaineers brilliant take of Forever (taken from top pop record Black Cherry).

In the modern fashion, there is also a DVD single of exclusive visuals filmed live and behind the scenes at Goldfrapp's seaside summer special at Somerset House on London's Thames riviera, including Twist and live versions of the singles Train and Strict Machine.

And finally a word from Marilyn Manson on the remix for the new single, This Is The New Shit, out on 1st September. "(Sounding as) If Gary Glitter and Marlene Dietrich turned the Nurnberg rallies into a rave. By far the most creative remix that anyone has done for me"

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