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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Damn and Blast...
MSBlast (aka W32/Lovgate.gen@M virus) has been affecting my life a lot over the past week. Not because my own PC has been infected (oh no, that crashed all by itself) but because those close to me have: work colleagues, friends, friends of friends. So I've been running around with my various patches, fixes and anti-virus tools saving various people's bacon as their PCs crash and burn. Spending four hours on a Saturday afternoon disinfecting a PC wasn't my idea of fun to be honest.

Some relief was had at Duckie later though. The usual suspects were there. Dancing, loving, laughing and living. Sunday was a giggle too. Ben and Sarah and Luke and Andrew and Paul and Marky and me were all Ex Librus and PS2 dance-matting. Pure fun.

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