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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Brain Teaser Solutions...
There may be others of course!

1) Father
In the 'father' problem, you may well have assumed that the grandfather is the father of the girl's father. It is quite conceivable, and reasonably frequent, that the grandfather on one side of the family is a lot younger than the other. In this case, the girl's maternal grandfather is around 45 years old, her mother is now 27 and has married a man 20 years her senior. So the girl's father is now 47.

2) Tennis
In the 'tennis' quickie you may well have thought that the men were playing games against each other. In fact, they were playing doubles together and they won three sets out of five against their opponents.

3) Dealing cards
Instead of concentrating on where to deal the next card, concentrate on where to deal the last card, on the bottom of the pack. You know the last card should go to yourself, so deal it; the next on the bottom goes to the player on your right. Carry on dealing, in an anticlockwise direction off the bottom of the pack until the remainder is dealt out.

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