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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Finger Trouble...
One thing that Marky has noticed recently - as indeed have I - is that neither of us can write properly any more. Handwriting for even more than a few paragraphs starts to give us cramps in our hands and fingers. So out of condition are we from typing everything on keyboards, our once proud handwriting skills from school and uni have all but disappeared. Even the very quality of my handwriting has dropped so that even I find it hard to read it back after the first few pages of A4. Use it or lose it, I guess.

But then again who needs to write anything more than a Post-It these days? A note to the cleaner? A list for Sainsbury's? Handwriting is so last century. Who needs pens and pencils? The computer is king, right? Keyboards are the present and the future, OK?

Well I might subscribe to this line of reasoning but for three little letters. RSI. And I get it big time. So despite being a digital fan for the most part I still end up writing things down (albeit in my out of practice scrawl) just to give my typing fingers a bit of a break.

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