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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The Union Chapel...
At the end of our road across the roundabout is a chapel. The Union Chapel. It's a very beautiful chapel, the roof is in need of some repair and it's still home to regular worship. It has a revamped/relaunched web site too and it's a big improvement. Well done, guys.

But why my interest?

The Union Chapel hosts regular and frequent concerts. Big names sometimes too. I guess what they like about it is the fact that the Union Chapel is a small intimate gig and it can be a good showcase/warm-up venue for artists that want to try out new material. We've seen Goldfrapp perform there, Marc Almond go solo twice and Bjork has played there too. Last night Beck was holding a 'secret gig' - something we were alerted to courtesy of the Chapel's mailing list. In the coming months there will be Cerys Matthews, Eddi Reader and Ian McCulloch. OK, maybe not stadium-filling names these days but undoubtedly talented people - but it's cheap and it's on my doorstep. So if you fancy coming along to the 'Chapel' drop me a line as I always enjoy the company.

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