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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Dates for the diary...
Tonight a group of us are going to see Jerry Springer The Opera at The National Theatre. I know next to nothing about it except the tag line "where low brow meets high art". We shall see.

On Saturday week we are taking my parents to go and see Chicago. The stage show that is. Again I know very little about it other than it's about "two women who are jailed for murder. And they sing and dance about the case for two hours." I'm sure it's better than it sounds.

On Monday 5th May I'm going to see Erasure at the Astoria. Being a fan of their music (no, really), an ex-friend of Andy and having had 'an experience' with Vince I'm really looking forward to it.

On Saturday 10th May Paul and I are going to see Laurie Anderson perform her new show Happiness at the Barbican. Yet again I've not heard too much about this either but anything that Laurie does gets my vote.

Finally we going to see Goldfrapp at the Astoria on 19th May for Simon's birthday. The new single Train is good and I'm popping out to get the new album Black Cherry at lunch time.

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