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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Aunty Daphne RIP…

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of my Aunty Daphne earlier today. 98 years old. What an age. What a life. 
For 62 years, Auntie Daphne was been such a constant in my own life. She was always so kind to me and generous with her time and her love, and I felt like a very special nephew. But then I think she made everybody feel special. It was a gift she had.
I remember her during my childhood, and when we would go to see her at the family farm in Hitchin and how warm and loving she was towards me, towards all of us.
And then in more recent years coming to the family reunions in Chipperfield it was so great to see her and share those earlier memories with her once again.
As some of you may know, I’m a keen genealogist and often put time aside to search into the wider Green and Phillips family tree. By some strange twist of fate, I was just doing some research this week into her part of the tree - the Sealy-Bell family tree in India. 
Born in 1926, Daphne had such an amazing family and an amazing family history.

The youngest of seven, Daphne transcribed and drafted maps for pilots in the Battle of Britain. 

Something she wasn’t allowed to talk about for years! 

Her older brothers fought in WW2. Her brother Gerald was a pilot. 
She will be greatly missed. And obviously my heart goes out to my cousins, her children, Peter, Sarah, Guy, Emma, and Elizabeth.
And of course, to John, Hannah and Guy too.

This is Daphne (left) pictured with my mum.

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