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Monday, January 08, 2024

Arsenal 0 - 2 Liverpool…

Ok, first things first. We had a lovely @gaygooners meet-up before the game. Great to spend time with friends, old and new. 

And then, off to the match…   Oh dear. 

Four losses, two draws and only one win from the past seven games is a worrying statistic for Arsenal. That can’t just be all put down to bad luck or refereeing decisions going against us, can it?

Something is wrong. We need to reset, sure. But (not an earth-shattering thought this) maybe we need to find a decent striker too. 

It is little wonder Arteta was so visibly frustrated after this damaging outcome. The FA Cup may not be top of Arsenal's priorities but it is still highly significant and this game was not only a chance to progress but the dramatic late loss struck a psychological blow against a team wanting to be in the mix for the big domestic prizes this season.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty that is good about Arsenal. Their approach play is sharp and creative; they unlocked Liverpool on many occasions - especially in the first half. There is no shortage of quality in that respect, or effort.

It’s just we can’t seem to turn all that good effort into a good score line. 

Saka is going through a dip in his usually outstanding form while £65m man Havertz doesn’t appear to be the solution to Arsenal's very specific problem. A goal drought. 

Arteta seems to be suggesting we fans need to be patient. Which I’m sure we will be - up to a point. But if things don’t start taking a turn for the better, and soon, I think people will start looking towards the dugout for answers. 

I predict more than a little unrest - and let’s face it, we Arsenal fans know how to turn on our management - if things don’t improve on the pitch. And pretty soon. 

The boys are now spending a bit of time in Dubai - which will no doubt help get them a bit of perspective. Let’s hope they find a striker hiding in one of those sand dunes too. 

Onwards and upwards, my friends. 


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