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Friday, September 08, 2023


Ok, what we know so far:-

  • French men do kiss on both cheeks when they meet
  • A bowl of bread & bottle of water appears at pretty much every French meal even before you place your order
  • Tipping in France doesn’t seem to be obligatory but 10% gets a big smile 
  • And finally, you don’t have to wait long before you see a man cycling a bike to collect a French stick from a bakery and biting the crusty end off before cycling back home again 😅

Poitiers is certainly a nice place to visit. A sleepy town with lots (and lots) of churches. And a glitzy bar called Le Comptoir a Moustaches where we stopped for a lunchtime constitutional and where I got many admiring glances! I twiddled my walrus moustache in reply - the secret code of the moustachioed 😃

Exploring the town more fully Stuart and I walked and walked seeing pretty much all the must-see places (if I can remember them all?)

Église Sainte-Radégonde 
Cathédrale Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul 
Église Notre-Dame la Grande 
Église Saint-Porchaire 
Musée Rupert de Chièvres Préfecture de la Vienne 
Hôtel Fumé 
Statue de la Liberté 
Hôtel Couturer 
Église Saint-Jean-l'Évangéliste 
Jardin des Plantes

Later we sought out a gay bar just for fun. But they closed at 8pm. Weirdly. 

So we settled on an upmarket bistro where my French pronunciation seemed to be an endless source of good-natured amusement. Great steaks, great wine, so a good time was had - even if much of it was at my expense. 😂 

Tomorrow we head to the coast. 

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