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Sunday, September 10, 2023


Ok, we know still more now:-

  • The French are very nice in the South. I have nothing against Parisiennes by the way - hey, I lived in Paris for a while - but the Bordelais are just so friendly.
  • French food is magnificent.
  • French and style go hand in hand.
  • So friendly French waiters in Bordeaux chatting to you about their natty clothes is de rigueur.

So yesterday Stuart and I took the train - packed with Irish rugby fans - down to Bordeaux. Unbeknownst to us Ireland were taking on Romania in the Rugby World Cup in the city later that day. The fans were all very convivial, a bonhomie that continued well into the evening (they won 82-8). 

Bordeaux is a beautiful place. The 35C heat kept us somewhat out of the tourist spots until the sun went down though. 

In the evening we had a fab meal in a rustic part of town. We did lots of people watching and chatted to the restaurant staff. 

Oh yeah, and we saw topless Irish blokes roaming the streets looking for someone to hug. 🤗 

Then this morning, being a bit cooler, we rambled through cobbled streets spotting beautiful arches and buildings. 

Tonight the Welsh are in town. We expect more singing! 😄

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