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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Wimbledon - Opening Day - Centre Court - with the mother-in-law…

Yesterday Brenda and I headed down to Wimbledon, for the opening day, to take our place in the crowd at Centre Court.

Brenda usually goes with her niece Natalie but she was indisposed so I stepped up.  Mother-in-law and son-in-law to be. 

We got a taxi down to SW19 which took quite some time with a taxi driver who could talk for England. Luckily the rain shower finished just as we pulled up to the gate. Very quickly we were inside and milling about with the 1000s of beaming tennis fans. We had some lunch in a cafe, chatted to a few people, and then took our seats high up in gangway 513 of Centre court. 

First on court was Djokovic who struggled a little bit against his opponent, but did win, and was very entertaining to watch. 

Then Brenda and I went for some strawberries and cream and a glass of champagne. The strawberries and cream are relatively cheap at £2.50, the champagne not so much at £23!

The second match we watched was Emma Raducanu. It was very exciting to see a British woman on Centre Court. She won her match too which was fantastic.

Finally we got to watch Andy Murray. Although he also won his match we didn’t get to see the end because we knew we had a long trip back home so left early at 8pm. We’ve been let down by Uber and Ola taxis earlier on in the day and true to form they let us down again as we left. Bastards!

We ended up getting a transfer bus to Wimbledon station, a train to Vauxhall, and then the tube back up to Highbury. We were both rather exhausted by the time we got home. 

Stuart’s older brother Richard had driven up from Grays to pick Brenda up so the four of us all had a catch up on our day before they set off back to Essex.

A great day - I think Brenda enjoyed herself, I certainly did. 

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