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Tuesday, June 07, 2022


Yesterday we all took a little day trip to Malaga. Just a 25 mins train ride up the coast, it’s a bigger town than Torremolinos, has an historic centre, a palace, a cathedral, lots of old streets and a nice centrally located park.

We were there to see the Pablo Picasso museum though. All squashed faces and discombobulated bodies. I think they have missed a trick by not calling it Eyes To The Right - but maybe that’s just me.

The weather was hot, the town pretty cool, but the exhibition merely luke warm. Some nice stuff, a couple of famous works, but few of the really big hitters. PP works are many, spread far and wide, and much sort after. So it was unlikely any one museum could house it all. We enjoyed it though. Especially the smiling owl.

After the art came the tipple. And the tapas. We ate near the centre and enjoyed some people watching to boot.

The heat rather got the better of us by 5pm so we headed back to Torre for a brief siesta then out to meet Matty for 9pm dinner at El Gato on the seafront.

I bumped into Philip and Nigel en route which was as much a surprise as it was a delight.

The food in El Gato was good. But the table management less so. We were each rewarded with a free glass of wine and a free starter for our wait which more than compensated for any delay. The bookcase of tapas went down particular well.

A lovely day out which giggles, tipples and nibbles. Just what holidays are all about.

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