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Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Beach Day, Bar Night…

Yesterday we were chilling on the beach. Well, when I say chilling…. It was a toasty 29C.

We spent pretty much the whole day there. Scorcio. When it all got too hot Stu & I went for a swim. No one else was in the water so we thought it must be really cold. But it wasn’t it was lovely.

A few metres off shore a woman started waving at us from the beach. “Ignore her” we thought. Then we heard what she was saying. “JELLYFISH!!”
The penny dropped. That’s why no one was swimming. We motored back to beach!

Back at the hotel after showering and putting on our glad rags we met up with boys for sundowners on the roof. By 10pm we had headed up the steps into town for some supper before hitting the bars. Aqua and Men’s Bar.

A couple of honeymooners from our hotel - James and Craig - joined us too.

Oh and we were all given free shots at Aqua. All good fun.

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