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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Fascinating Aïda @ Royal Festival Hall...

A few weeks ago Stuart and I went to see super trio Fascinating Aïda at the Royal Festival Hall at London's glitzy Southbank Centre.

Having seen Fascinating Aida perhaps a dozen times since the mid-1980s I knew what to expect and the gals didn't disappoint.

Two hours of great songs old and new, they assaulted us with hit after hit in their very witty, satirical show. The songs were hilarious and topical, the glamour was unstoppable: Britain’s greatest cabaret trio were back with a bang!

We had a lot of classics; Bulgarian Song Cycle was back with new fresh outrageous lyrics, Boomerang Kids was as funny as ever, Lieder got the crowd roaring, the sly but telling Little Girls In Pink was back too, and Dogging made a welcome return. Adele's song Prisoner Of Gender was simply inspirational - 10 years in the writing it was Adele's coming out story of being a transsexual and got the tone just right. And of course Cheap Flights - over 25 million YouTube and Facebook hits and counting - went down a storm.

But Dillie Keane, Adele Anderson and Liza Pulman always know how to freshen up a show of classics too, and they simply relished bringing us their selection of new songs - well, some you haven't heard before and some we wish you’d never heard in the first place! Clever, rude and musical their new stuff worked brilliantly - spot on politically as ever and wildly funny.

We loved it.

Michael Roulston accompanied the gals on the piano and the show was directed by Paul Foster.

Here's the full(ish) set-list:-

Act 1
One True Religion
Is it Me, or Is it Hot in Here?
Boomerang Kids
This Ain't the Hokey Cokey Any More
Little Girls in Pink
Bulgarian Song Cycle 2022
On My Hols
Cheap Flights

Act 2
Suddenly New Zealand
Lerwick Town
Prisoner of Gender
Instagram Hashtag
This Table
Sew on a Sequin


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