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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Virgin Media Loyalty Penalty. £50 per month EXTRA for being an existing customer! Yes, really. Read on... -->

I'm leaving Virgin Media. I wanted to stay with them but as I am an existing customer - I can't afford to.

Ultimate Volt Bundle (18 month deal)
New Virgin Media or O2 customers: £99 / month
Existing Virgin Media customers: £149 / month
Existing O2 customers: £149 / month

So the loyalty penalty for getting the same Virgin Media / O2 services compared to a new customer is an additional £50 per month.

So as an existing Virgin Media customer I would pay a penalty of £50 / month (£900 over 18 months).

Even as an existing O2 customer if I took those same VM services I’d pay the same £50 / month loyalty penalty.

Think about that.

VM & O2 are the same company but they penalise (not reward) existing O2 customers who want to take VM services and vice versa.

Customers got a better deal before the companies joined together.  Surely the competition regulator should look into this.

Utter madness!

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