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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

The Sparks Brothers (It was great love letter; long, but great) ...

Last night Darren treated me to trip to the BFI National Film Theatre on London's glitzy South Bank to see the Edgar Wright documentary The Sparks Brothers.

It was great love letter; long, but great

Funny how Sparks manage to find success and then lose it again on a pretty regular basis.

I loved the funny bit about the Pet Shop Boys. Ouch! Edgar Wright elaborated somewhat more about that and what Vince Clarke really said. Mic drop.

It all centres around the idea that PSB have an apparent unwillingness to publicly acknowledge Sparks as an influence (although they do privately and maybe in print too?) and so when Vince Clarke lists all the 80s ‘silent and moody’ keyboard sync players inspired by Ron Mael (and despite knowing Chris Lowe very well) ends his long list with "oh, and the one in the Pet Shop Boys". 

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