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Monday, June 28, 2021

In The Heights...

Last Saturday night Stuart and I went to see In The Heights in London's glitzy Angel Vue Cinema.

Lin-Manuel Miranda can do no wrong these days and this will certainly add to his reputation as writer, producer, singer and actor in and of musicals.

With echoes of the musical Rent and Hair the action, singing and dancing all take place within New York's Latino community. Hot summer days, blackouts, life on the street - it's a heady mix of the trials and tribulations of living in an American city.

Anthony Ramos is the film's star (as Usnavi de la Vega) and his broad infectious smile won us over within minutes.

The set musical pieces are all glorious; the pool-based Busby Berkeley number, the nail shop, the subway dancing, and the dancing up the side of the building being particular stand-outs. The acting is good, the dancing spot on, the songs are all winners, and the singing is great.

We came out of the auditorium grinning from ear to ear and didn't seem to have noticed the 2h 23 m running time. 8/10.

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