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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Tuesday's quiz? Here are the answers...

Tuesday's quiz? Here are the answers. See how you do? If you think you can beat us (you know you can!) - come next month! Booking essential!

In The News Round

l. In the US, a shark in a Texas aquarium was kidnapped this week. How was she abducted?

Disguised as a baby in a pram

2. Welshman Geraint Thomas made the headlines for his accomplishment of what?

Winning the Tour de France

3. How did newly appointed foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt embarrass himself during his trip to Beijing?

Said his wife was Japanese when she's actually Chinese

4. Princess Eugenie and hubby-to-be Jack will have 1,200 of what at their wedding at St. George's Chapel later this year?

Members of public

5. Sadly the nation lost Barry Chuckle one half of one of our favourite double acts, what was the brothers' most famous catch phrase?

To ME to YOU

Round The World Round

1. Which British town is home to one of the largest natural harbours in the world?


2. The city of Deadhorse is located in which US state?


3. What is the name of the partially recognised state which declared independence from Serbia in February 2008?


4. Which city in Saudi Arabia is Islam's holiest city and the birthplace of the prophet Muhammed?


5. Two of the three enclaved countries in the world are completely surrounded by ltaly. Name them.

Vatican City, San Marino (an enclaved country is one completely surrounded by another)

Food and Drink Round

1. What is the primary grape of the Rioja wine-making region?


2. Which cooking method is thought to have originated on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean - its name comes from the Spanish translation of "A framework of sticks set upon posts"?


3. What name is given to the provincial vegetable stew that originated in the French city of Nice?


4. According to their once popular slogan, what does one get if ones drinks a Red Bull energy drink?


5. What breakfast food is associated with the town of Tiptree in Essex?

Jam/Marmalade - (Home of Wilkin & Sons)

Connections Round

1. Who is the only world leader to have ever used nuclear weapons in war?

Harry Truman

2. Which country created its own time zone in 2015 in an apparent return to life before Japanese rule? It has since abandoned this move.

North Korea

3. Name the 1949 Broadway Musical that was set on a tropical island in World War 2? lt was later made into a motion picture in 1958.

South Pacific

4. The 2013 biographical movie Behind the Candelabra features Michael Douglas undergoing a dramatic transformation to portray the life of who?


5. One of the most famous renditions of the great song Happy Birthday was sung to JFK by who?

Marilyn Monroe

6. Spot the connections to the previous five answers

All mentioned in the first verse of Billy Joel's 1989 hit - We Didn't Start the Fire

Sequences Round

You have to fill in the BLANK - For example - Game.... Set.... BLANK (Answer: MATCH)

1. 4 - Be... 3 - Li.... 2 - He... 1 - BLANK

H (Periodic Table symbols and numbers (Beryllium, Lithium, Helium, Hydrogen))

2. Bayern and 1860 ... AC and Inter... Wanderers and Wasps.... Giants and... BLANK

Jets (Groundshares - where 2 different sporting teams share a stadium - Vllcombe VVanderers and London VVasps, Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich, AC Milan and Inter Milan, New York Giants and New York Jets)

3. 40 Ruby.... 50 Gold.... 60 Diamond... 70 - BLANK

Platinum (Wedding anniversaries with associated precious metals or gemstones)

4. Speak Now.... Red.... 1989.... BLANK

Reputation (Taylor Swift's latest four albums)

5. France - Zero.... Australia - 6.... China - 5.... Morocco... BLANK

One (Number of stars on each of the countrys' flags)

Science & Nature Round

1. In the phases of sleep, what do the letters REM stand for?

Rapid Eye Movement

2. The Pacific Ring of Fire takes its name as it has 452 of what?


3. The Latin name for which bear, translates literally as "black and white cat-foot"?


4. What is the name given to a type of rainfall that is formed when air is forced to cool as it rises over features in the landscape such as hills or mountains?

Relief (Orographic accepted)

5. At a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes. How many people were at the party?


Arts and Culture Round

1. In Greek Mythology, what name was given to female monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair?


2. In Ernest Hemingway's 1952 novel, The Old Man & The Sea, which animal does the protagonist battle with for days?


3. Which opera tells a story set in Southern Spain of a naive soldier who is seduced by a fiery gypsy?


4. Whose 2016 album cover features the CN Tower in Toronto?

Drake (Views)

5. In the 1992 movie Wayne's World, which Led Zeppelin song is banned from being played in the guitar shop much to Wayne's disappointment?

Stairway to Heaven

Tie Breaker Question

How many studio albums did Prince record?


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