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Friday, August 03, 2018

Gay Footie Stars Get Their Own (Empty) Bus @PrideBrighton @PaddyPower #EmptyBus @GayGooners... My thoughts ->

It is Brighton Pride this weekend! My favourite Pride (after London!) 

Paddy Power is an Official Sponsor of BP. Good for them. Some people aren’t very keen on Paddy Power and their banter. Personally I have on problem with it and think their heart is in the right place but understand how some people can find their humour a bit offensive. Each to their own. One thing that can’t be denied though is the reach of their advertising and their pro gay stance. 

An empty open top bus on the Parade? Nice.

But some accuse them of rainbow-washing. Ok, I'm going to open a can or worms here. Is rainbow-washing *always* a bad thing?

The only definition I can find for rainbow washing is:
"The act of using or adding rainbow colours and/or imagery to advertising, apparel, accessories, landmarks, etc, in order to indicate progressive support for LGBTQ equality (and earn consumer credibility) - but with a minimum of effort or pragmatic result."

So if there a pragmatic result from the rainbow washing - i.e. the rainbow-washer donates their profits, gives money to a LGBT cause, or sponsors an event then it's OK? Or is it always to be condemned?

I'm torn, so it's a genuine question!

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