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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day 7 : Easter Island : Sunrise, Snorkelling, and Cycling...

So much for a relaxing holiday! 

Up at 5:30am again to take some more (and better photographs) of the stone platform with the fifteen moai. There used to be eighteen statues on the platform but the massive earthquake in 1960 in Chile caused a tsunami to arrive seven hours later which had an eleven metre high wave that smashed the original eighteen to smithereens and they can only find fifteen to put back.

Back at the main town Stuart and I took a small fishing boat out to the the bird man island to go snorkeling. The seas were very rough and our skipper seemed to enjoy smashing our little vessel at great speed into the crest of the massive breakers one were were in the open ocean and then freefalling us down into the watery trough beyond. I was shit scared. The snorkeling was fine when we got to the island - a few exotic fish to note - but the whole trip was was rather marked by the high-speed hydronautics of our skipper. A feat he repeated during our return to dry land.

In the afternoon we decided to bicycle around the island which turned to be far more ambitious act than we had initially anticipated. Lots of hills and slopes lay ahead. We managed it though and rewarded ourselves with a spot of body surfing in the crystal blue waters at the tropical sandy beach. 

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