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Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 15 : San Pedro de Atacama : From Moon Valley to Death Valley...

Our last day in the Atacama Desert was pretty spectacular. 

We trekked further than we had ever done before, up mountains, down cliff sides, and through weather sculptured ravines. It was hot, dry, and at times pretty scary too.

Moon Valley was simply beautiful - arid and epic it was full of otherworldly rock and salt formations. They test the Mars Rover here for its trips to Mars and you can see why. 

Death Valley was high, rocky, windy, and we had no shelter from the harsh sun and biting blast of sand in the wind. 

Yea, though we tried to walk in the shadows of the valley of death... there were none to be found. Lots of towering sand dunes to career down at the end though. 

As we bid farewell to the desert Stuart and I are both a bit overwhelmed by it all. You have to be fit here. The trekking is tough and the thin oxygen makes everything doubley challenging. But what a place to visit. 

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