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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day 17 : Casablanca Valley : Lush, Pinot, and Basil ...

The countryside here in the Casablanca Valley is beautiful and lush. We have been sampling the local wines and eating well. A little too well probably. Diets when we get back!

Of the wines we have sampled the Corralillo Pinot Noir is our particular favourite. 

Matetic is the local vintner here who also happens to be our hotel owner so the vino sure flows easily at meal times. There is the touch of the Fawlty Towers about the service though but it's all very good natured which excuses the amateurishness (trying saying that after a couple of bottles of Pinot!). Their very own local Basil Fawlty tries so hard too get it right, bless him.

Nice to unwind after our whirlwind adventures of the past few weeks. 

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