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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Funny, sad, brutal, powerful, pastoral #Albion @AlmeidaTheatre ...

Last Friday Stuart and I went to see Mike Bartlett's new play Albion at the Almeida Theatre in London's glitzy Islington.

Directed by Rupert Goold the play is in many ways a treatise on present day England. It's a metaphor to unearth both the richness and rot of modern Britain. A sort of state of the nation play concerning Brexit, national identity, and the longing for an idealised version of country life. And it's also very, very funny.

Audrey Walters (Victoria Hamilton) is a successful if shrill businesswoman who moves from London to the rural Albion house. Her aim is to resuscitating the estate’s garden, what was once a paragon of English design. She brings her 23-year old daughter Zara (Charlotte Hope), her laid-back husband Paul (Nicholas Rowe), and the partner of her deceased son Anna (Vinette Robinson).

We simply loved it. It was not only funny, but sad, brutal, powerful, pastoral, long(!), had great acting, and at one point there was a topless gardener. Oh and a bit of Peter Gabriel's Here Comes The Flood and a bit of Kate Bush's Oh England, My Lionheart!

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