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Friday, June 03, 2016

Vietnam: Hanoi...

We flew in last night and our feet haven't really touched the ground since. Hanoi is a really wild city - crazy traffic, great food, lots of noise, old meets new, French/US influenced, and a right old life's-too-short-to-look-back-over-your-shoulder-let's-must-fucking-go-for-it sort of place. We've dodged speeding mopeds, been to a Communist museum, visited a temple, a pagoda, a mausoleum, eaten goats meat with the locals, had weird coffee with raw egg, been driven by someone called Wang, been to a children's book fair, had crepe Suzette cooked at our table and downed martinis watching a New York jazz singer at a cigar-smoked French club. And we've not been here 24 hours yet. I need a spare battery!

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