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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Club Membership...

Three people at work today have asked for my opinion on the EU Referendum. They were all undecided and wanted advice on which way to vote. Why they thought my half-baked views were worthy of note I don't know!

Anyway, I said the same thing to all three of them.

"In my experience it is better to a member of a club that not a member of a club.

OK, you may not relish paying the club's membership fees, you may not like some of the club's petty rules and you may not agree with some of the other member’s opinions all the time. But generally speaking being in a club is good for everyone, it stops fights breaking out, the bullies next door leave you alone, you get a good deal when you buy stuff off other members and you are free to go to each other's houses to help out.

And all you really have put up with is the club's annual sing-song contest where you’ll probably come last – again."

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