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Friday, October 02, 2015

Humans Of The Arsenal...

I got interviewed a few months ago by the wonderful Humans of the Arsenal. And in my incoherent drunken babbling about my love of Arsenal he took a snap and wrote down some of my rant. Nice guy.

“I always wanted to go to Highbury more than I did. I loved Highbury. Highbury was the church, the temple, the cathedral to go to - but just going into the Emirates Stadium and realising what we can do as a club; just the huge expanse in front of us, and realising the wealth of possibilities ahead of us - which are sure to be realised very soon.

"…we can make a spaceship land from on high, land inside Islington… and that was our future  - that for me was an emotional moment.

"It was the idea. A statement of intent. A statement of ambition."

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