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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Means-tested Pensions...

"I fought in two world wars, worked every day of my life and paid into the system the full amount and I have earned it" - said every pensioner ever.

"I had four kids, got tax rebates for those kids, got tax rebates on my pension contributions, got free dental healthcare for the whole family, got paid when I was sick, had free full-time education to degree level for myself and my whole family until recently, called on the NHS, fire, ambulance and police services 24 hours day for over 50 years, had two hip replacements and a heart bypass, had my rubbish collected every week, my country protected from invaders, and I think what money there is left over for old age pensions should go to those most in need and who probably through no fault of their own haven't been able to put some money away for a rainy day like I have, and you know what? I think I've probably taken out more from the system than I've put in anyway" - said no pensioner ever.

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