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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Twelfth Night...

Last night Stu, Andy, Tim and I went to The Shakespeare Globe on London's glitzy South Bank to stand with the other 'groundlings' and watch Twelfth Night.

It rained, quite a bit, but that did little to dampen our spirits. It was a fantastic - all male - production. As is decreed with all Globe productions the dress was Jacobean and the instruments traditional - but the action couldn't have seemed more contemporary. Cross-dressing, cross-gartering, Boy George look-a-likes and homoerotism where everywhere.

The female characters were powerfully played and drove the plot forward. Maria in particular was no side-kick to Sir Toby Belch and Andrew Aguecheek but indeed the instigator of Malvolio's undoing. Mark Rylance's excellent Olivia was subtle, sexy and crafty - a triumph. Stephen Fry was great as Malvolio - not taking the scenery-chewing route - which actually helps the play progress on a more even keel. Malvolio's scenes are often the show-stealers so it was nice to have the whole play presented as ensemble.

If you get a chance - go see.
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