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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Judas Kiss...

Last Friday Stu and I went to see David Hare’s 1998 play The Judas Kiss at the Hampstead Theatre in London's glitzy Swiss Cottage.

Neil Armfield’s fine revival stars Rupert Everett as Wilde and Freddie Fox as Bosie.

Michael Billington in the Guardian wrote: "This is the most convincing dramatic portrait of Wilde that I have come across – one that captures him as both romantic individualist and tragic victim." And I have to say I agree. Everett's Wilde is perfectly judged, torn as he is between his uncompromising integrity and his pitiful self-destruction.

The show is transferring to the West End. Go see.

Oh and there is a lot of nudity. Full-frontal, knob waving nudity. So you have been warned.

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