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Friday, August 31, 2012

You Me Bum Bum Train...

Last night Sarah, Roger, Stuart and I went to Stratford - not to watch The Games this time but to play a game. Of sorts. We went to ride You Me Bum Bum Train. The personal theatrical experience that we love so much. It was amazing, powerful, funny & bizzare! Top notch!

It's hard to explain without giving the secrets away. It's like going to the theatre but you don't sit - you walk, crawl and (sometimes) get carried through the performance. There's a cast of hundreds but they all perform just for you. You go one at a time and you can either simple watch, laugh or take part as you want. It's brilliant. And very funny. You all meet up at the end and talk about what has just happened. Everyone wants to do it again!

"This is the eighth time the Bum Bum Train has pulled into London and the format is largely unchanged: each audience member is taken on their own immersive, interactive ride, stopping off at a series of disconnected scenes manned by some 200 volunteers. The experience relies entirely on surprise, but we can say the latest concoctions from creators Kate Bond and Morgan Lloyd are astonishing in both their realism and their logistics. Contrary to common criticism, they're about more than just spectacle. The show challenges your creativity, confidence and courage, allows the timid to find a voice and extroverts to revel. Perhaps more subtly, it prods at notions of control and trust. It's a very special 45 minutes indeed: eye-opening, magical, memorable and utterly unique."

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