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Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympics Athletics...

An amazing day at the Olympic Stadium yesterday with Myrtle. She loved every minute of being there and I loved every minute of being with her. We got to watch the Decathlon (both discus and pole vault) as well as the 4x400m relay heats. Back in 1948 in White City she said the seats were a lot harded than at the 2012 Olympics but the queues for the beer just as long. Seeing as she was only 11 years old back then I doubt she was drinking beer though!

Shortly after we'd taken our seats in the stadium Myrtle put her hand my knee to steady herself. I said, "are you OK, old girl?" and she was crying, "I just so happy to be here". "Oh you silly idiot!" I said smiling at her. A moment I'll never forget.

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