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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Torch Song Trilogy...

Last Friday Stu, Darren, Andy, Kev, Andrew, Michael, Andy, Tim, Joao, David S, David C, Mark and I went to see Torch Song Trilogy at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London's glitzy London Bridge Quarter.

We met up for a beer and nosh at the Southwark Rooms first just to get us in the mood.

Written by award-winning actor and playwright Harvey Fierstein Torch Song Trilogy tells the story of Arnold, a drag queen; his life and loves. It's divided into three parts 1971, 1973-9 and 1980.

1971: Arnold meets Ed and they fall in love. Ed, however, is uncomfortable with his sexuality and he leaves Arnold for a girlfriend, Laurel.
1973-79: During Christmas, Arnold meets the love of his life, a male model named Alan. They settle down together, later spending a weekend with Ed and Laurel in the country, where their relationship is tested but endures. Eventually, they apply to foster a child together with a view to adoption. However, Alan is killed in a homophobic attack.
1980: Months later, in the spring of 1980, Arnold's mother comes to visit from Florida, but her visit leads to a long-overdue confrontation. Arnold's mother disapproves of Arnold's homosexuality and is shocked to learn of Arnold's planned adoption of a gay teenage son, David. They have a series of arguments where Arnold demands that she accept him for who he is, insisting that if she can't then she has no place in his life. The following morning, before she returns to Florida, they have a conversation where, for the first time, they seem to understand each other. With both David and Ed (who is now more mature and settled) in his life. Arnold's life is finally complete.

Arnold is played by larger than life David Bedella who's virtuoso rather steals the show. His on-again off-again bisexual lover Ed is played by Joe McFadden.

It's funny, moving and a darn good night out.

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