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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Olympics athletes started arriving in London yesterday so inevitably the usual suspects started with their Olympics bashing. Yes, step forward peddlers of negativity Evening Standard and BBC News London.

All they could come with last night was (a) the Australian team's boat sails were delivered to the cargo rather than the passenger gate at Heathrow resulting in a slight delay. Oh the humanity! and, (b) the Canadian team's bus driver got a bit lost driving from Heathrow to Startford and took the scenic route via Buckingham Palace. Will no one think of the children!

It prompted me to tweet the following two messages mentioning them:-

Oh #EveningStandard is that the best you can do? Not even got the word 'chaos' in #OlympicsBashing non-story front page! Please try harder.

Oh #BBCLondon is that the best you can do? Not even got the word 'chaos' in #OlympicsBashing top story! Please try harder.

That told 'em, huh?

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