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Friday, July 06, 2012

Notes from a DIY Dust Bowl...

The redecorating project in Calabria Road continues apace. Annoyingly two of the bedroom windows were missing from the original window delivery which has rather delayed the whole double-glazing project. They have now been reordered but of course there's a 3 week waiting time - these things happen I suppose. Once these final two have arrived and been installed and the dust has (literally) settled then starts the business of making-good the interiors and the outside decorating. I've had a new roof put on the flat-roofed extension at the back as it was in a bad way and it looks like the back wall on the ground floor has some rising-damp. More expense - but the couple who live downstairs are splitting those costs with me so it's not too bad. Once the main structural stuff is completed there are a few more bits and bobs to do - a new extractor fan for the main bathroom, a replacement one for the second bathroom, a few old holes in the exterior walls to be capped off, the front wall to be pepped up and the front yard to be concreted and tiled. Then there's just the front door to be redone, a new internal front door to be fitted and then we can start the major interior decorating project. Oh and the new kitchen to be designed and installed. Never a dull moment with a house, huh?

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